Assessment: A mild and neutral low acid coffee bean. Aroma is light and has a  hint of toasted barley. Its full body and mild neutral taste makes it one of the  more delicate coffees.     Buy Now

Recommended Roast: Light to Medium depending on preference. Wheelin Pete’s prefers it light unless you are using it as an Espresso base.

Light Roasts (Cinnamon, Half City, Light, New England) The bean is light brown and dry with no visible oils on the surface of the bean. The flavor is baked or bread-like, similar to toasted grain. Depending on the coffee, some sour tones may be present and the body of the coffee will be minimal. New England roast (not very common) and Scandinavian are a little darker than Cinnamon roast.

Medium Roasts (American, Breakfast, Brown, City, Medium) medium light brown beans. The American roast is the lightest medium roast and the most common roast used for cupping and professional coffee tasting. An official Medium or City roast (more common in the Western U.S.) is slightly darker than American (more common in the Eastern and southern U.S.), and is an excellent choice for tasting the differences between most varietals.

About the Origin: Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and has many distinct regions that yield excellent cup characteristics.  The fact that Brazils are full bodied, neutral in flavor and exhibit almost no acidity happens to make them the perfect base for Espresso blends or as a single origin for anyone preferring less acidity in their coffee. This Brazil Santos coffee bean has consistency in quality, good strength and dependability in flavor that provides a nice base line for Wheelin Pete’s Espresso Blend.

Santos is the name of Brazil’s largest coffee seaport located in the state of Sao Paulo. Most of the coffee beans exported through Santos is actually grown in the state Sao Paulo and the neighboring state of Minas Gerais. These two states produce the majority of Brazil’s coffee beans.

Even though Brazil grows many varieties of coffee trees, it is the dwarf type Caturra variety that is the most popular because of its consistent good flavor, high yield and its suitability for mechanized harvesting.

Santos coffees are cured and processed by what we call the natural method. The harvested cherries are dried on huge patios the size of football fields and are then milled to export specifications.