When Selecting Green Coffee Bean Offerings

Green Coffee Beans should have an earthy woodsy smell.  The color should be a light green. The coffee beans should be well formed with two halves (unless they are peaberries) and whole, not broken or damaged.  If planted, they should sprout (in 2-3 months) revealing their life force is still within them.  Decaffeinated Coffee will lose its green color and turn toward a light brown during the decaffeination process.

Green Coffee Bean Sampler Selections

Green Coffee Bean Samplers Include 4 Ounce Selections of 4 Different Coffees.

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Green Coffee Bean Origins

Click the link in the specific origin’s or blend’s name below for more information about the origin’s coffee bean or the blend’s coffee beans or the Buy Now to purchase that origin or blend on the product shop page.

Green Coffee Bean Blends