Colombia Supremo Green Coffee Beans 1lb


Assessment: Big and strong, luxurious cordovan leather aroma. The taste is deep and bold with a “sweet” dark chocolate richness. It has a full-bodied roundness with a rich velvety finish.



About the Origin: The name Colombia is synonymous with coffee, such that some people think it actually originated there. Not so, it originated in Ethiopia but the Colombians perfected it to the point that on average it the best coffee bean in the world.

There is a consistency in Colombian coffee quality that accounts for the fact that our selections may come from a different region each month or so. Even though coffee has a set flowering and harvest season in each region, Colombia has so many different regions that coffee is always being harvested in some part of the country all year long.

One criteria of quality is coffee bean freshness. We will often purchase from a different region because of the seasonal harvest differences. When all thing are similar we will go for the freshest as you would do in any food market.

This Colombian coffee selection comes from the Department of Antioquia near the city of Medellin. In the future you may see our selection coming from Narino, Tolima, Cauca or Huila depending on the time of year. Regardless the region we promise coffee beans of the highest quality and freshness.



Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Recommended Roast

City/Medium. A lighter coffee bean roast will yield an altogether different profile but just as intriguing. A nutty richness and a penetrating long finish would likely keep your attention.

Medium Roasts (American, Breakfast, Brown, City, Medium) Medium light brown beans. The American roast is the most common roast used for cupping and professional coffee tasting. An official Medium or City roast (more common in the Western U.S.) is slightly darker than American (more common in the Eastern and southern U.S.), and is an excellent choice for tasting the differences between most varietals.


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