Decaf Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee Beans 1lb


Assessment: Strong and bold aroma and taste. In general this decaf coffee bean is very much like the regular Sumatra Mandheling. Although the process used to make decaf coffee beans renders any decaf coffee bean weaker overall, the unique characteristics of the origin are retained.

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About the Origin: Indonesia is composed of over 17,000 volcanic islands strung along the equator between Australia to the south and Indochina to the north. The larger chunks of this exotic tropical wonderland are known as Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Celebes and the western half of New Guinea.

Sumatra is on the other side of the world for us but it has been host to some illustrious adventurers. The Chinese Buddhist pilgrim, I Ching studied Sanskrit there in 671 CE before departing for India and Marco Polo visited the island in 1292. In 1492 Indonesia’s famous Spice Islands was a destination for one C. Columbus but that too, is another story.

It was the Dutch colonists that advanced coffee cultivation in this part of the world. As a result we now enjoy five unique and distinct coffee beans from Indonesia. They are so distinct in fact that we rarely refer to them as Indonesians but by the name of their respective islands, Sumatra, Java, Celebes, Timor, and Bali.

Sumatran coffee is the wildest tasting of the Indonesian coffee beans and has the boldest flavor. Of all coffees, it most effectively evokes the character of a tropical rain forest. As a single origin coffee bean it is preferred and popular as a dark roast. Because of its heavy bass note, it is often the foundation of many Espressos and French Roast Blends.

There is no one well-defined profile for all Sumatran coffees because there is such variability in the field processing on the farms.

Yes, Sumatran is an acquired taste . You will find Sulawesi and Java less assertive.



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Weight 1.0 lbs
Recommended Roast

Dark but not as dark as a French Roast. We recommend using our dark roast preference which is a European or Dark City Roast. After the second crack watch the color closely so as to not over roast this coffee bean. Medium-Dark to Dark Roasts (Full City, Light French, Viennese) Medium dark brown beans. Some oily drops will be present on the surface of the bean when roasted Full City. Full City roasted coffee will exhibit some chocolate or caramel undertones. Light French or Viennese is ever so slightly darker than Full City.


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