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Assessment: Soft an smooth sweetness, richness and complexity in both aroma and flavor. Good balance of body and acidity. Subtle mocha infused with orange flower essence unknown to any other coffee in the world.

About the Origin: Yirga Ch’efe is a village in the southern province of Sidamo located on route 6, half way between the national capital of Adis Abeba and the Kenyan border. Turn left at the banana shack.

As you probably know, Ethiopia is the home to all Arabica coffee in the entire world and its still found growing wild all across the country.

The cultivated coffees throughout the southern Sidamo province have the reputation of being one of the best coffees grown anywhere in the world. For some unknown reason the coffee beans grown in the mountains around Yirga Ch’efe happen to out-class all other Sidamo coffee bean origins. As such it is the “gold standard” for all Sidamo.

Yirgacheffe’s aroma is like a perfumed coffee with a delicate and yet distinctive jasmine-like floral nuance. It has the soft and smooth sweetness of regular Sidamos yet exhibits a richness and complexity in both aroma and flavor that is unmistakable. You will notice a good balance of body and acidity complimented with subtle mocha undertones. The aftertaste and finish are infused with that same orange flower essence which is unknown to any other Ethiopian coffee bean or for that matter anywhere else in the world.

Yirgacheffe is a world-class coffee and its only rival in East Africa would be a special Kenyan from around Nairobi.



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Weight 1.0 lbs
Recommended Roast

Light to Medium – Be aware that over-roasting diminishes and masks the bright notes of any specialty coffee bean. Wheelin Pete’s prefers this Yirgacheffe City/Medium.


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