Guatemala Huehuetenango Green Coffee Beans 1lb


Assessment: Huehuetenango, (pronounced “Hway Hway Te-nang-go”) A good, clean aroma and sweet flavored coffee bean centered on a nutty taste of roasted hazelnut. Full bodied with pointed acidity, especially in the lighter roasts. Hint of spiciness and a discernable smokiness in the finish. It’s a good blender and also as a stand alone coffee bean origin.



About the Origin: Guatemala is one of the seven small countries that collectively are known as Central America. Mexico is actually four times the size of all the Central American countries combined.

Guatemala’s state of Huehuetenango borders Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula and Mexico’s most southern coffee producing region of Chiapas. Huehuetenango is one of Guatemala’s twenty-two states or “Departmentos” and it just so happens that its department capital city shares the same name.

The name Huehuetenango is from the Nahuatl language of central Mexico, as are so many names in this homeland of the Mayan people. Tenango means place and Huehue means ancients or ancestors, so translates “The Place of the Ancestors.” A nearby town is Quezaltenango, The Place of the Quetzal, and the national bird of Guatemala. Speaking of names, we in the coffee bean industry affectionately refer to these coffee beans as Hue Hues for short.

Hue Hues have a basic varietal taste profile similar to Guatemala’s other noted coffee beans from the Antigua region, with the difference being mainly in focus and complexity.

Many roasters and consumers prefer Hue Hue coffee beans to Antiguas, it’s just a personal thing. Many coffees from this region are organically grown by cooperatives of smallholder producers making them attractive choices for social and environmental reasons.



Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Recommended Roast

Medium light, which is slightly lighter than City/Medium but not as light as Vienna.


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