6″ x 6″ Tamping Mat

Do you or your staff do your tamping dirty work on counter surfaces that you would like to keep looking good all the time? our 6″x6″ rubber tamping & packing mat made from high grade food safe rubber is the solution. The only sure way to keep your counter tops looking shiny and new is to use one of these simple rubber tamping mats. It ain’t rocket science, the soft yet durable rubber build of our tamper mat creates a safety barrier between you, your porta filter, your tamper and your working surface allowing you to safely apply extreme pressure without marring or damaging counters. Our new espresso parts tamping mats feature a firm yet cushioned work surface and a raised edge to help keep those pesky coffee grounds pinned to the mat allowing you to maintain a cleaner work space. Wood? concrete? granite? marble? stainless steel? bottomless porta filter? single spout? double spouted? triple spouted? it makes no difference.

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  • Made from food safe NBR rubber

  • Highly resistance to oils and water

  • Highly resistant to thermal and oxidative

  • Thickness designed to protect any surface in a high volume setting

  • Dishwasher safe



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