Sulawesi Toraja Green Coffee Beans 1lb


Assessment: (Celebes Kalosi) Expect Big aroma from this coffee bean with floral and cherry tones. Expect medium to heavy body with a medium to low acidity in a pleasant balance. There is no one-flavor to a Torajan coffee bean but imagine the exotic smell of a damp rain forest. It is rich and complex. Spicy, earthy, musty and woodsy all come to mind.



About the Origin: Sulawesi is the third largest island in the Indonesian archipelago. It straddles the equator between Borneo and the Spice islands of the Molluca Sea Group. * Specialty coffee beans are grown in the province of South Sulawesi (Sulawesi Selatan) near the market cities of Kalosi, Makala and Rantepao. The most notable coffee bean is grown in the Peganunan Quarles and Rante Karua ranges of extinct volcanoes. This area is called Tana Toraja after the indigenous tribe. The Torajan ancestors were Indochinese oceanic traders who settled these highlands and took up a pastoral life of settled agriculture. You will find commercial crops of cloves, nutmeg, coconut, cinnamon and sugar as well as coffee beans. Surprisingly the Cappuccino was not invented here.

Torajans build distinctive houses similar to the sopo communal houses of the Mandheling in Sumatra. They remind you of their ancestral days of shipbuilding. The houses look much like their boats and are constructed with the same shipbuilding techniques. Without the use of nails or fittings but with lash and dowels complete with a decorative ships prow on the saddleback roofline. This peaceful culture is unique and fascinating and has been the subject of several interesting film documentaries.

In recent times new modern coffee estates owned by Japanese companies have been established in Sulawesi. The cup quality that results from modern processing fails to produce the complexity of native Torajan coffee.  Wheelin Pete’s selection will not disappoint those looking for native Torajan coffee at its finest.

* There are always variant spellings when translating names phonetically. The Spice Islands have been spelt as Maluku, Maluka, Molucca and Malluca. Kalosi is often Kalossi. Borneo is now Kalimantan and the old Dutch name of Celebes was change to Sulawesi in 1949.



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Weight 1.0 lbs
Recommended Roast

Roasted to a medium dark color, true Torajan coffees posses a distinctive herbal – woodsy aromatic richness reminiscent of an aged Sumatran. Medium-Dark to Dark Roasts (Full City, Light French, Viennese) Medium dark brown beans. Some oily drops will be present on the surface of the bean when roasted Full City. Full City roasted coffee will exhibit some chocolate or caramel undertones. Light French or Viennese is ever so slightly darker than Full City.


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