Uganda Robusta Green Coffee Beans 1lb


Assessment: Robusta has twice the Caffeine & is considered “The Original Energy Drink”. With extremely light roasting this coffee bean will result in a nutty, toasted grain aroma and taste, which is commonly referred to as white coffee beans.  Stands up well to milk.  A darker roasted version of this coffee bean can be used as an espresso base but will not be as good as the Brazilian Santos or the Sumatran Mandheling. The attraction here is the additional double caffeine boost.


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About the Origin:

If Caffeine is your goal this coffee bean is for you. Robusta is considered “The Original Energy Drink”!

White coffee, a unique espresso beverage. In the nineties a unique coffee phenomenon surfaced in Seattle. In a time of fierce competition, carts and shops were eager to have something special to offer that others did not. One innovation was the high caffeine content White Coffee Espresso. This was the Red Bull of its day. It is made from Robusta coffee beans that have twice the caffeine of Arabica coffee beans.

Extremely lightly roasted Robusta yields a nutty and toasted grain taste very different from well-roasted Arabica coffee. The roast is very light and the coffee beans are just out of the raw coffee category showing a yellowish brown or tan color. Wheelin Pete’s had to experiment with this new selection to determine the proper roast taste by cupping this coffee.

An espresso based drink using this coffee will have little or no coffee taste but a toasted barley taste that is coveted by its followers. The advantage is it has twice the caffeine, which appeals to many consumers. It works well as a Caffe Latte and Mocha; maybe even better as a White Mocha. For that matter almost any syrup for a flavored latte should be compatible.

The downside is grinding an under roasted coffee to the proper fineness for espresso extraction. Possibly grinding twice, first coarse and then finer might do the trick.

The second grind must be made by trickling the coarsely ground coffee into the grinder at a slow pace otherwise the grinder will become impacted.

Obviously grinding the harder under-roasted beans will take its toll on any grinder. First it must be powerful enough to take the extra punishment and of course the burrs will need replacement more often.

For a coffee with extra caffeine kick we mixed a 50/50 blend of Uganda Robusta, roasted as above (our recommended) and our Sumatra Mandheling, roasted dark, then ground the coffee blend for drip coffee and our local firefighters loved it.



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Recommended Roast

Roast is just at the stage where the coffee beans start to turn from yellow to light tan if you want the flavor noted above and what is referred to as white coffee beans.


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